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Super Columbine supporters shun Slamdance

Kyle Orland

When the Slamdance Guerrilla Game Maker Competition announced it was withdrawing Super Columbine Massacre RPG from finalist consideration, the decision drew some harsh words. But now those words have led to concrete action as the makers of Slamdance finalists fl0w, Braid, Toblo, Once Upon a Time and Everyday Shooter have pulled their games from the competition in a show of solidarity for the controversial RPG.

The game's makers acknowledge that it wasn't an easy decision. Braid creator Jonathan Blow probably put it best, saying he appreciates what the festival has done for independent games but that "the expulsion of the Columbine game sets a precedent in the wrong direction" and pulling his game is "the strongest protest I have the power to make."

Whether or not any of the remaining finalists will follow suit is unclear, but an open letter to the Slamdance organizers on Grand Text Auto is signed by the creators of four of the eight remaining finalists, as well as the creators of three of the games withdrawn so far. Losing over a third of the 14 original finalists to a protest is surely a stinging rebuke to the prestigious competition, but losing more than two-thirds would be a blow nearly impossible to ignore. Stay strong.

[Via Too Much Media Too Little Time, thanks photendoist and Tom]

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