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December, 360's best sales in Japan

Dustin Burg

It's no secret that Japan dislikes the Xbox 360, to them it smells of moldy bread covered with motor oil. But with the release of Blue Dragon Microsoft hoped to spur sales, and it actually looks like it helped. IGN reports that Japanese publisher Enterbrain released Japan's sales figures for December 2006 and the 360 has sold in record numbers for the month. Don't get your hopes up though, the install base for Japan is a measly 290,467 units compared to the Wii (just released a month ago) which has moved 989,118 units. Sad, isn't it? But the ray of hope is that 99,798 Xbox 360s were sold in December alone. Yes, that's the "glass is half full" take on the whole situation. Maybe they can start giving away Xbox 360s with the purchase of Blue Dragon ... it's just a thought.

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