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Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn rumors

Jason Wishnov

Some nice folks over at GoNintendo have submitted some scans and a rough translation for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn for the Wii. Though we follow the FE story about as well as we can save a dying victim using pretend surgical skills (damn you, Trauma Center!), some details might interest those masochists among us:

  • Sothe is Mikaya's younger brother, though they aren't blood-related.
  • The nations of Gallia and Begnion are at war. Lots and lots of war.
  • The game will be divided into discrete portions, and the first will focus on the "Dawn Group".
An additional story synopsis can be found after the break. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance was one of the unheralded masterpieces on the Cube (we didn't mention it, we know!), and we greatly look forward to the sequel.

Three years have passed since the Continent of Tellius was shook by the war between Crimea and Daein. The victorious Crimea began rebuilding its lands under their Queen Elincia, orphan of the fallen King.

On the other hand, the defeated Daein is put under the rule of the Begnion Empire. However those of the old Daein Kingdom are troubled with the oppression by the imperial garrison, and live each day with despair.

In order to escape from this plight, and to save the lives of many Daein citizens, several brave warriors rise by the capital of Nevassa. Their courageous actions are set to shake the whole continent...

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