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Hands-on with SPH-P9000 Deluxe MIT


The Samsung SPH-P9000 Deluxe MIT is just that: deluxe. We had the chance to go hands-on with this Korea-only device during one of those rare opportunities only CES can provide. With a mini Mobile WiMax network setup here at the show, we had the opportunity to test that (supposed) ultra-fast access for ourselves. More on that in a bit. Based on the pictures previously published, we had our doubts as to the rigidity of the unit. So we were easily impressed by the fact that it actually felt solid in our hands. However, without constant tender loving care, we're pretty sure we'd snap a hinge under sustained use. The keyboard is small, the touchpad is small, the power switch and screen are small -- everything that requires interaction is just really, really small. Still, it's usable and maybe with prolonged used, we'd get comfortable with it -- we doubt it though. Anyway, what you're really wondering about is the Mobile WiMax speed right? Well, sorry to say, it was slow. Like 56kbps dial-up slow. But this is day 3 of the show and well, everything is just a bit slower today. Besides, it's just on a demonstration network, Las Vegas is a long way from South Korea. All in all, it's an impressive piece of engineering that we can live without.

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