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Induction Dynamics' SolidDrive SD1 turns your wall into an OK speaker


With the PR-hype coming out of Induction Dynamics on this thing, you would think they'd have managed to actually design a bit better of an induction speaker to brag about. Unfortunately, while the SolidDrive SD1 isn't perfectly bad, and definitely manages a bit of volume and bass with whatever massive object (table, wall, etc.) it's slapped onto, the sound quality barely surpasses many $10 throwaway convenience store speakers, at least in clarity. We suppose the optimal conditions for listening would be a professional install -- the unit is designed to be squeezed inside of a wall, with a special vibration-reducing braket to hook this thing up to a pair of studs -- so perhaps we aren't quite properly equipped to judge this thing, but our personal results weren't promising. And just especially for the Engadget fangirls out there, we tested it out on our beefy chests and abs of steel, but we can't say we heard many improvements to our tunes, no matter how great we might look posing with the product. The real deal breaker might be price: this thing will cost you $500-$550 per channel.

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