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Klipsch's CS-700 and RoomGroove wireless media streamers


Klipsch continues their steady march from high-end audio systems into components for the acoustically unwashed masses with the introduction of these KlipschCast systems. Like Philips' Streamium, Klipsch's lineup allows you to wireless transmit -- "KlipschCast" in this case -- audio throughout the house. The CS-700 (pictured) console features a DVD player, AM/FM tuner, and acts as a hub to wirelessly transmit "CD-quality" audio to other KlipschCast products. It also packs three auxiliary inputs, HDMI, and an 8-inch down-firing woofer and 200 watts of amplifier power for hard-hittin' bass. The RoomGroove is an all-in-one music playback system with retractable iPod docking station (and aux jack for other players) and dual 2.5-inch high-output woofers in a ported enclosure. Both products hit in April; the CS-700 will come tagged for $1,300 while the RoomGroove pops for $349. RoomGroove pictured after the break.
[Via Sci Fi Tech]

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