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Microsoft Office 2008 screenshots

David Chartier

I managed to swing by the Microsoft Office booth just in time for a demo of Office 2008, and I snapped a few screenshots. The presentation was made with Word since, as the demo folk pointed out, it is the app they have completed the most code on. As Scott mentioned, the words "page layout" were used quite often while emphasizing many of Word's new features, but of course the two big show-stoppers are Universal Binary status and a revamped UI that melds the Mac way of doing things with the impressive new 'Ribbon' UI in Office 2007 for Windows. My 425-px screen shot in this post doesn't really do it justice, but my pics in the gallery should offer a few more details for prying eyes. It sounds like we'll still have to wait for demos or a peek at any of the other Office components, however, as I couldn't squeeze anything else out of the booth attendants.

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