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Now Software announces "NightHawk" cross-platform group calendar and contact manager


Now Software has announced a successor to the venerable Now Up-to-Date & Contact (NUDC). Their next gen cross platform group cal and contact manager is codenamed "NightHawk" and they are previewing it at booth 2634 here at Macworld.

Aimed at enterprise and small business users, NightHawk supports Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Windows Vista, but will also still support Mac OS 10.3.9-10.4 and Windows XP and NT/2000. Migration from NUDC will be a breeze, and you'll be able to import from most other common formats, like vCard and iCal and sync with a variety of PDAs, cell phones and, of course, an iPod.

Taking a cue from Apple's iTV-AppleTV launch, the official name has yet to be determined and will, according to a Now rep, be announced at a later date - presumably before the retail boxes are printed. It's expected to ship in the spring of 2007. As I've come to expect from Now, the Mac GUI of NightHawk is a few years behind the times, but it is an improvement over NUDC and it has tabs - so how bad can it be? That icon, however, has got to go.

The NightHawk calendar & contact module will cost $149.95 per seat and owners of NUDC v5.x and later can upgrade for $69.95 per seat. For a limited time, current NUDC v5.X owners may also purchase a one-year maintenance agreement (that's usually a codename for "pay-for-tech-support") for $39.95 per license, which will give you free upgrades to new versions of Now and NightHawk for one year from the start of the maintenance agreement.

I use NUDC personally, and have always been a fan, despite the GUI flaws. It's one of the few holdovers from my days of using Claris Emailer for mail. I wonder how many of you long-time Mac users are also still using NUDC at home or work?

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