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Plasma backers want to change the way we measure HDTV resolution


How do you measure an HDTV? Apparently just counting the 2 million+ pixels in a 1080p set isn't good enough for some people, since the Advanced Plasma Development Center has announced its system measuring only the actual moving picture resolution. In what the center describes as a method that is very close to the way the human eye works, it uses a camera, signal generator, PC and image data processing software to reconstruct the image reflected on the retina. The companies backing this test believe that since -- most of us -- watch moving pictures instead of television images, this test is necessary to show people what to expect from their TV. We're going to go out on a limb and predict that plasmas generally outrank LCDs on this test, considering the source, but especially with new 120Hz technology it appears LCD manufacturers may be more eager than ever to take a shot at a moving target.

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