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BBC Video releasing Planet Earth to Blu-ray, DVD & HD DVD April 24


Just that fast, BBC Video has followed up on the announcement that its $25 million Planet Earth documentary is coming to the U.S. via Discovery HD Theater in March, by saying that it will also be its first release on Blu-ray, HD DVD and DVD April 24th. The set spans four discs on the HD format of your choice or 5 discs on SD version, and will retail for $99.98 and $79.98, respectively. Those who were disappointed to learn that Sir David Attenborough from the original BBC airing had been replaced by Sigourney Weaver should be thrilled to learn it will contain the original narration and editing. The MSRP is a bit steep, but you'll be able to look at all 11 one hour episodes on the air before deciding to buy, so we'll keep an eye out this spring.

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