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DiBcom and CyberLink debut DVB-T and DVB-H combo tuner


If you aren't still stuck in the technologically backward US and A once CES wraps up, you might be pleased to learn that DiBcom has been prepping a DVB-T and DVB-H combo tuner for laptops that should help Europe / Asia travelers get the most TV in the most places with just one card. Dual tuners, at least in chip form, aren't a completely new idea, but we can't say we've spotted any of these before in a completed widget. With DiBcom rocking the indoor and outdoor coverage with its tuner card, CyberLink holds up the software end of the deal with its PowerCinema playback and time-shift software. No word on price or availability -- we don't even have a pic of the dang thing -- but where would the fun in that be?

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