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Educational discounts fading away?


As Apple transitions to more consumer devices, it's only logical certain items won't be discounted for educational use, right? Reader Adam pointed out the Apple TV isn't discounted on the edu store. He goes on to ponder the iPhone, which I think we're all pretty certain will never be edu-discounted, but here's hoping... Then again, doesn't the Apple TV make sense for educational use? Many moons ago I worked in a master control room at a local college. We went through extraordinary lengths to pipe video into classrooms. At $299 a pop, it would seem that the Apple TV might be effective for distributing content into classrooms again. It'd be a lot nicer at something like $279 or even $249, as schools aren't exactly known for being flush with cash... But what do you think? Does Apple's dropping the "Computer" from their name mean they'll start dropping educational discounts too?

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