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Remember, everything is hunter loot


Yes, that IS the Ashbringer on a hunter. Xenogears, of "Dread" on the realm Korgath, gets to wield the mighty -25 stamina sword as he ventures into the Outlands for super-awesome Raptor Strike crits! Fear his lifestealing weapon proc as he stands on the steps of Stormwind!

But seriously, pretty much every two-handed weapon is a PVP toy anyway, so it might as well go to someone who can have some fun with it. Dread already gave one Ashbringer to a warrior, and it's not going to matter at 70. I applaud Dread for having enough of a sense of humor to post this on the forums, and for still having enough people coming to raids to kill the Four Horsemen the week before the expansion.

This reminds me of the hunter guild leader who looted himself his guild's first Kalimdor's Revenge, and then proceeded to make a video of himself tanking Nef with it. All he looked like was someone who really didn't know anything about hunter itemization.

What's the best item you've seen on a totally inappropriate class?

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