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Rentzsch: iPhone vs. Treo + iPhone Bug

Mat Lu

As a loyal Treo user since the days of the first generation Treo 300, yesterday's iPhone announcement was a bit earth shaking. For the first time in years, my next phone is not going to be a Treo. Well known Mac dev Jonathan Rentzsche has a nice post comparing the Treo 700p to the iPhone. One of the biggest advantages of the Treo is the large number of Palm (or Windows Mobile) applications available for it. If it ends up being the case, as Dan reported yesterday, that Apple is not planning to allow for user installable applications on the iPhone, it's a huge strike against it. So Rentzsch is encouraging his fellow developers to complain to Apple by filing a bug report. Personally, I'm really disappointed in Apple's decision to lock the iPhone down, so maybe if enough folks complain we can get some positive action out of Cupertino (though I'm not going to hold my breath).

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