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Rumor: MTV acquiring 1UP, adding to their collection

Save reports a "highly-placed" source says MTV is looking to purchase and from Ziff Davis. This seems probable considering Ziff Davis is selling the Ziff Davis Game Group and MTV has been on a gaming acquisition bender, purchasing GameTrailers, Atom Entertainment and Guitar Hero developer Harmonix. MTV's purchase of would allow them to acquire some gaming editorial clout, and because they already have GameTrailers they can either disband, or assimilate,

Currently there is no expectation MTV will purchase any of the Ziff Davis gaming publications (EGM, Games for Windows). Revenue in the print publications has been flat and the only reason the game group didn't lose revenue was due to the online sections. Ziff Davis's earnings release states, "Lower print advertising and circulation revenues for the group's three print magazines were mostly offset by a nearly four-fold increase in the group's online revenues." Ziff Davis corporation had cash and cash equivalents drop by $5.4 million through September.

These Ziff Davis Game Group stories and rumors have been growing exponentially over the last couple weeks. So, if MTV is only interested in the online portion and they've been keeping the publications afloat -- what's that going to mean for Electronic Gaming Monthly and Games for Windows?

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