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Sanyo kicks out kid-tracking handset for KDDI

Darren Murph

Just a few days back we told you how the Japanese government planned on tracking kids via strategically placed RFID locators in dodgy areas of town, and it looks like KDDI is already pushing the "beneficial" side of being able to follow your offspring's every step by offering up Sanyo's latest kid-tracker. The A5525SA handset was designed with children in mind, from the dainty colors right down to the "crime prevention buzzer," which calls a pre-selected number if a certain pull string is yanked. Additionally, the battery cover is purportedly screwed down with a proprietary bolt so kidnappers can't easily power it down, but unfortunately it doesn't sport any type of smash resistance for taking it offline the easy way. Nevertheless, it also boasts a 1.3-megapixel camera, 320 x 240 resolution screen, microSD card, but most important to the parents is the built-in "route notification" function that can track your youngster's steps via GPS and map it out on your PC back home. Of course, we wouldn't be apt to let our five-year old run rampant on the streets of Japan in the first place, but if you're the uber-lenient type, at least this here lets you follow right alongside, albeit virtually.

[Via Spluch]

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