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Twinhead Durabook D13RY and D14RY rugged lappies


If you like your laptop beefy and drop kick-able, you might be into Twinhead's new Durabooks, the D13RY and D14RY. The laptops feature magnesium-alloy cases, spill-resistance and anti-shock mounts. As for specs, the 13.3-inch D13RY and 14.1-inch D14RY feature 60-100GB HDDs, 802.11a/b/g WiFi, Bluetooth options, and combo drives on up to super-multi DVD drives. Apparently these laptops include an "exclusive" optical disk tray, which protects against accidental tray ejection, drops and vibration. Both units are rated at US military 810F standards, so each can withstand 29-inch drops onto hard surfaces. No word on specific procs, pricing or availability.

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