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We want more Miis (Wii annoyance #012)

Kyle Orland

When we first read in the Wii manual that "up to 100 Miis can stay in your Mii Plaza," we weren't overly concerned. After all, how many different oblong-headed caricatures do you need on one system. Now that we're actually bumping up against the Mii limit after only a few months of use, though, we can't help but be annoyed at what seems to be an arbitrary restriction.

Granted, most Wii users probably won't fill up their Mii channel quite this quickly. We're both blessed and cursed with friends whose obsession with Mii creation leads to new arrivals in our Mii plaza every other day. And sure, we could probably stand to clean out some of the less inspired Mii examples in favor of some of the dozens interesting creatures running around our Mii parade.

But why should we have to? We have hundreds of blocks of space left on our Wii's internal memory, and nothing much to do with it unless we suddenly decide to download Urban Champion. It should only take a relatively simple system update to let us fill that unused space with hundreds more Miis -- enough to create a Where's Waldo? style scene of Mii inasanity. Even if technical issues prevent showing that many Miis on one screen, the over-100 excess could be placed in seperate rooms in the Mii plaza.

We know we've had some harsh words for the Mii channel in the past, but really there's no limit to our enjoyment of the little character maker. That is, of course, except for the limit Nintendo places on it. Free the Mii Channel from your self-imposed shackles, Nintendo. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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