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Asus showcases SideShow-enabled AiGuru S2 VoIP Skype handset

Darren Murph

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It sure didn't take long for this SideShow bandwagon to get overcrowded, as now we've even got a VoIP phone touting its SideShow functionality, not to mention its ability to interface with iTunes and Windows Media Player as well. While Asus' first attempt, the AiGuru S1, received lukewarm reviews at best, the refreshed version sports a lot more functionality, a color display, and a much slimmer profile. Aside from playing nice with 802.11b/g networks, touting three hours of talk time, and offering full support for Skype (including Skype ID and caller photos / avatars), this handset also rocks an internal speaker / headphone jack for wireless music playback, and also supports streaming from iTunes / WMP; moreover, users can purportedly check their email right on the display thanks to its SideShow pizazz. Although pricing information was absent, the AiGuru S2 will be hitting shelves alongside those PSTN-to-VoIP motherboards in the first quarter of this year.

[Via Skype]

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