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Envive announces Panorama platform for media servers


It's already busted out a new high-end, Vista-running media center PC at CES, but the folks at Envive have also taken the opportunity to unveil its new Panorama software platform that'll be giving a boost to its E-Center line of home media servers. The company's keeping a lot of the hard details under wraps for the time being, but it has announced that there will be three separate incarnations of Panorama: the Panorama Cinema Server, Panorama Total DVR, and Panorama Complete Home. First up, the Cinema Server will let you store lossless copies of CDs and DVDs on an E-Center server and access 'em from anywhere on your home network, and while it apparently won't support it right off the bat, Envive is promising future streaming support for HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies. Next up, the Panorama Total DVR's fairly self-descriptive, giving you full ATSC and NTSC TV recording with support for up to eight tuners, as well as remotely accessible PVR functionality, including playback of recorded TV. Rounding out the lineup, Panorama Complete Home adds some home automation to the mix, with support for security camera monitoring and recording, HVAC, and lighting controls, among other couch potato solutions. Look for the Panorama Cinema Server to launch first, shipping sometime in the first quarter of this year on Envive's E-Center Media Servers (also available as an upgrade for existing users), with Panorama Total DVR to follow sometime in Q2, and the Panorama Complete Home system set to make its appearance by the end of the year.

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