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Kodak CES booth tour


Kodak's CES booth this year had a distinct electronic picture frame theme. We think it's something to do with the fact that they sell them ...

You can't get more personal than a message written with black marker pen.

Rows and rows of cameras. What else did you expect at a Kodak booth?

C for achievement, E for effort. See me after CES!

Gotta buy 'em all!

Kodak's new V803 8-megapixel point and shoot camera.

Who brings all their product awards to CES and shows them off in the center of their booth? Kodak, that's who.

Faux wood FTW!

It's like they set up their staged product demonstration stand just for me!

Flash, ah ah!

Yeah, we totally get our cameras from the oak in Engadget HQ's back yard.

There were too many of these to count at the Kodak booth.

Bonus award: Kodak's booth had musaq playing so bad that it was good.

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