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Cha-Ching presentation at the Apple Store

David Chartier

Juan Alvarez, developer and CEO at Midnight Apps, gave a CocoaHeads presentation at the Apple Store Thursday night of the new 0.5 version of Cha-Ching, his slick money app that brings financial management out of the stone ages with the beauty of Mac OS X and Cocoa. While Cha-Ching is still in a half-1.0 beta status, it's a pretty impressive app powered by some slick innovation. Read on for some sexy screenshots and feature highlights of this latest version.

A new 'Online' tab for each account allows you to sign into your bank online and automatically download+import QIF files of your transactions; no manual importing or file management necessary.

Also present is Bonjour sharing of any folders you create. Click the button above for either a folder or smart folder, and other Cha-Ching clients on the network will see these folders and only the transactions you place in them.

The print dialog in Cha-Ching offers a handy way of printing transactions from an account, folder or smart folder. Combine this with the built-in power of tags and you have a pretty robust financial app that lets you work the way you want to. In this light, the new iPod Syncing feature almost seems like icing on the cake.

So there are the latest goodies in Cha-Ching as it stands. I spoke with Juan on his coding philosophies and what's coming down the road, and it sounds like an already rockin' app is going to get even cooler on the journey to 1.0. While in beta, Cha-Ching is a mere $14.95, though once it goes official its price will rise to $39.95. A demo is available, and I highly recommend you give it a spin if you've been looking for a truly fun and intriguing way to take hold of your finances.

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