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iPhony launcher for Palm OS


Well that didn't take long! If you're currently toting around a Treo, but really jonesing for an iPhone, you can install the Mo's iPhony launcher and get all the great icons without waiting for all of the great features!

The current version, 0.2, is optimized for 320x320 screens, but a 320x480 will be released soon, which will make Palm TX users very happy.

Sure, when you click the Mail button, it's still SnapperMail you'll be greeted with, but your home screen will look so much cooler. Mo is quick to point out that iPhony is more about a fun UI for Apple freaks and less about becoming a full-fledged launcher, of which there are already many he'd have to compete with. Still, we admire his efforts.

Now, be sure to let me know when someone makes an iPhone theme for my Blackberry 8700!

Thanks, Sammual!

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