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Outdoor Wii-osks in London

The people of London must be really trustworthy, considering they were treated to outdoor Wii-osks yesterday. Any self-respecting American in a metropolitan city would have asked to demo the unit, taken the Wii-mote, cracked the marketing flack over the head and run off with the system. But alas, these are not Americans.

Reader Limpit writes, "The unit itself consisted of a Wii, nice Samsung HDTV, Wii Sports, 2 Wii-remotes, and 2 guys in some very funky looking white Wii puffer-jackets. They seemed quite happy, and so did the little crowd of people who had gathered to witness the marvel that is Wii Sports."

Limpit correctly goes on to say this display is part of Nintendo's massive marketing machine storming across the globe. Any readers see these outdoor kiosks in your neck of this third rock from the sun?

[Thanks Limpit]

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