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Rumor: MadCatz Wii-mote


A poster on the GameTrailers message board uploaded images of what he says is a Mad Catz Wii-mote. He writes, "I'm an employee of the Wal-Mart electronics department, just recently we got a shipment of Wii accessories from Mad Catz and on the back of one of the product boxes it shows off their version of the Wii remote. I took some pics with my camera phone to show you guys." You can see the uploaded images after the break.

This wouldn't be the first time a Mad Catz product accidentally leaked to the public without an announcement. There is no mention of this Wii-mote on Mad Catz's website or in press releases. We've gone ahead and contacted our Mad Catz rep to find out any information regarding existence, release date and price -- but it is Sunday of a long weekend in the U.S. (Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday). A contoured alternative to the Nintendo Wii-mote would be nice, especially if the internal speaker is less tinny. Also, at this point, we'd give anything to end this Wii-chuk and Wii-mote shortage, which still continues months after launch. We understand that getting a Wii is tough right now, but getting peripherals shouldn't be this difficult.

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