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Bring iPhone look, feel to Palm with "iPhony"

Chris Ziegler

So, you're in for a bit of a wait to get your hands on the iPhone. Us too, welcome to the club -- but if you're a Palm owner, there's an app kicking around that might make the wait a bit more bearable. "iPhony" may not bless your Palm OS-based Treo with multi-touch, iTunes compatibility, or the brilliant industrial design that makes Apple... well, Apple, but what it will do is ease the crushing pain of an iPhoneless existence for the next few months by yoinking the iPhone's buttons and making them configurable to launch apps of your choice. iPhony presently works only at 320 x 320, but no worries, LifeDrive owners -- a 480 x 320 version is currently in the works.

[Via Palm Infocenter]

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