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Europe: Nintendo accounts for 50% of total hardware sales

Blake Snow

Nintendo of Europe announced that combined sales of both Wii and DS made up more than 50% of total European platform sales for the month of December. The data, compiled by Chart Track, also dubs the DS the top selling platform in Europe for the entire 2006 calendar year, solidifying the claim that Nintendo's dual screen portable is currently the best selling video game system in every major game territory (US, Japan, Europe).

Of course Nintendo will tell you it's because everyone, not just gamers, are buying their new-gen products. Said Laurent Fischer, the company's European marketing director, "The success of our products this Christmas clearly shows that Nintendo's drive to make gaming accessible to everyone has attracted people of all ages and abilities to the industry." However likely non-gamer appeal may or may not be, wouldn't specific age purchasing data be needed to "clearly" show which demographics are buying Wiis and DSs? But I digress, Nintendo seized many spoils last year.

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