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'Twas the day before Burning Crusade ...


... and all through the forums, people were having pre-order problems and blaming them on Blizzard. Among the complaints:

  • People on the East Coast won't be able to roll instantly on new servers since they'll be at the store picking up their copies of BC. On a similar note, west coasters are complaining that they'll be three hours behind since they can't pick up their orders until midnight their time. Blizzard, sadly, does not offer to provide free plane tickets to Maine as a remedy.
  • How can Blizzard take Martin Luther King Day off? We have rights! Extra points for the use of the phrase "Blizzard could bomb a hospital full of babies and puppies tomorrow and many of you would defend them."
  • Nerf ice storms! Also, due to the storm, Gamestop may have some trouble getting all their copies.
  • Taking a vacation to play BC is the same as being a crackhead, because there's no better place to counsel people about video game addiction than on a forum about video games.
  • Best Buy won't give BC preorders to customers today. DO SOMETHING! Oh wait, the game actually does come out tomorrow, not today. Taking "no" as an answer seems to be difficult for some people.

Do you anticipate any problems getting your copy of Burning Crusade?

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