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Blizzard vs. Pessimism: Blizzard wins 4:2

Barb Dybwad

Tobold had a nice scoring system going for the Burning Crusade install, in which Blizzard was pitted against the inevitable Pessimism inherent in combining major content upgrade + massive rush to sign in, which typically and notoriously causes major technical problems, server crashes, glitches, downtime, etc. He ended up awarding the victory to Blizzard, 4:2. Most of us here at WoW Insider didn't have any serious problems getting up and running with the expansion (so far so good!*), but we're sure there are tales of woe out there. How would you rate Blizzard's handling of the Burning Crusade launch? Did you have any problems getting going, or was it pretty much smooth sailing? Let us know who won the Blizzard vs. Pessimism battle on your scorecard.

[*Update: except Mike! Also reporting that Bronzebeard went down a couple of times around 10pm EST before I gave up and rolled a draenei shaman (along with about 2.1 million of my new best general chat enemies) on Shadowmoon.]

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