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Countdown to Burning Crusade day 10 winner: best Caverns of Time screenshot

Barb Dybwad

Your votes are in and we have a winner for the best screenshot of Caverns of Time contest: Asteroids by Michal Lisowyj is your vote for best CoT screen with 27% of the vote. Grats to Michal, who snags a 60-day game card for his efforts, and thanks to everyone for the great shots. Click on for a rundown of the votes and the runners up!

Vertigo, by Dana Haynes -- a close second with 18% of the vote.

Flying, by Thane Woidan -- tied with Snowman (below) with 16% of the vote.

Snowman, by Leonard Volk -- tied with Flying (above) with 16% of the vote.

Nozdormu, from Adam Koebel -- 12% of the vote.

For those about to fish... from Anti Qaj, at 4% of the vote.

Vertigo Deux from Larry II (Larry Deux?) rounds out the list at 2%.

Thanks again to everyone!

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