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Hellfire Peninsula general chat: How I mine for fish?


Stepping into Hellfire Peninsula is like deja noob all over again. You don't know where you're going and what you're going to do when you get there. Where are the trainers? How do I find the flight master? Dear God, what just smushed me? It's an exciting and exhilarating time, but it makes the general chat a really, really annoying place, full of year-old memes and mispelled swear words.

Here, from the home office in Thrallmar, we present the Top Ten Questions Asked Every Five Minutes In Hellfire Peninsula General Chat:

  1. Where's the first aid trainer?
  2. Where do I go to learn jewelcrafting?
  3. Is there a bank out here?
  4. Where is Mankirk's wife? (Yes, it was funny the first time. But NOT AFTER THAT.)
  5. What should I use, (item that the person forgot you can't link in general) or (other item that the person forgot you can't link in general)?
  6. So is there a way out of here or what?
  7. How do I do (quest that is easily completed if you read the quest text)?
  8. Where is Arelion's satchel?
  9. Is this Portal Disruptor thing broken or what?
  10. Where is the Assassin?

So many Hordies ask where the Assassin is that there should just be a great big arrow in the sky pointing to him.

It's tempting to leave general chat, but then you'd miss the actual important messages like "LFM Cruel's Intentions" and "Fel reaver at 33, 43!" So I guess I'll be putting up with the questions for the time being.

What things are you already sick of hearing in general chat?

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