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HP adds Vista to its Pavilion laptop lineup, intros dv9200 model


If you're into confusingly minor laptop updates with mainly a boosted OS and perhaps some RAM and HDD space thrown in for good measure, January is going to prove a banner month for you. HP just announced the inclusion of Vista on four of its Pavillion laptops, including the sexy tx1000 we've been hearing so much about. The biggest bump looks to belong to the dv9200 17-incher, which keeps that sleek form factor -- for a 17-inch, at least -- of its dv9000 predecessor, but adds in Core 2 Duo options up to 2GHz and a base configuration featuring 1GB of RAM, a 120GB HDD and a super-multi DVD burner for 168,000 yen ($1,394 US, though we're sure Stateside pricing will be a little friendlier). Most notable is the inclusion of an HDMI port, and of course Windows Vista Home Premium. Other laptops getting the bump include the dv6200 and G5000, which are both being handed a fresh copy of Home Basic, while the TX1000 is rocking the Home Premium like it was meant to be done.

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