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Launch night poll: how late did you stay up?

Barb Dybwad

True confessions: I was up til about 7 this morning leveling my blood elf warlock (caster noob alert!), after tooling around in the Outlands with my 60 rogue for a while. But, you know, it was totally "work-related"! So fess up -- how late did you stay up? Are you a proud member of the bleary-eyed workforce today? Or did you catch that <cough> nasty bug </cough> that was flying around -- I think it must have spread like wildfire from all the social contact of midnight launches. Please to be inputting your answer to our lunchtime launch night poll:

How late did you stay up?
Only a couple of hours past my usual bedtime. Gotta be sensible.
Way too freaking late, I'm exhausted today!
I hate you midnight launch people, I live in a yurt. A yurt next to Best Buy.
I'm still waiting to pick up/for my expansion to arrive.
Sleep? You mean people slept? n00bs.
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