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Midnight launch event: The Freezing Crusade

Barb Dybwad

We braved the elements here in Ithaca, NY to join with our WoW-besotted brethren and sistren (sistren? it's a word now.) for our local launch event, and while the expansion is installing (disc 3 of 4!) we're updating you on our launch experience. Check after the break for what went down.

One solid sheet of ice. Burning Crusade better hurry up in this piece!

Living up to the Blizzard name.

I get excited at the turnout until I remember that most of these people are here for the movies.

The Burning Crusade gauntlet.

A little PSP action in line.

These could be the guys who pwned you last night in WSG.

The line starts building behind me.

Now, with more line. Almost time!

Door opens! Who let the nerds in?!

We're in ur mallz, buyin' ur expansions!

Dead arcade. The darkened mall is kinda creepy in that "best hide and seek evar" kind of way.

EB Games local #4083, reprazent!

Holding the line back in fear of the inevitable WoW-loving riotous revolt. Almost there!

Extra-heavy on the Blizzard merch.

Sensing a trend...


How was your launch?

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