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More details on RIM's BlackBerry 8800, 9x00 series

Chris Ziegler

We hate to temper the joy of BlackBerry-philes everywhere anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 8800, but we're starting to hear whispers of a "9xxx" series -- specific model number unknown -- that one-ups the 8800 with a 3G radio, support for backup to microSD, and a new processor and UI for Q4 launch on Cingular. Granted, the fourth quarter is a ways off yet (assuming they're talking calendar quarters, not fiscal quarters), so Boy Genius has blessed us with a few new details on the 8800, too. The Pearlesque 8800 will apparently hit Cingular mid-February with a slightly shorter keyboard than the 8700, making it easier to type. What it won't do, though, is come with a cam (great news for businessfolk with paranoid bosses) or WiFi. Hey, it's still a pretty hot upgrade from the 8700 though, right?

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