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PS3 shipments hit 2 million worldwide


Better late than never, right? Though Sony missed their initial goal of shipping 2 million Playstation 3 consoles by the end of 2006, two weeks spent in the new year brings them up to speed. According to a GameDaily Biz report, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced a 1 million shipment milestone in Japan, thus bringing the global total to 2 milllion. Officials point out that in the Playstation family, the PS3 has been the quickest in reaching this number.

Next up, Sony will tackle a lofty 6 million shipment target for the end of March, with success largely depending on how the system fares in Europe when it launches in the same month. Japanese analysts aren't particularly optimistic, with Nomura Securities predicting that only 4.5 million units will ship by then.

Further numbers revealed by Sony are the 5 million in collective PS3 software shipments, 500,000 Playstation network users and the over 300,000 downloads enjoyed by the Gran Turismo HD demo.

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