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Survey: 54% of stores have PS3s in stock

Blake Snow

A recent sample by popular game analyst PJ McNealy reveals that more than half of 52 surveyed stores had PS3s in stock as of yesterday. In contrast, none of the stores surveyed -- from boutiques to big-box retailers -- had Wiis in stock.

Though said status quo is widely known by most, this is the first specific ratio we've seen, albeit from a small sample conducted by American Technology Research. (My statistics teacher once told me a minimum of 300 participants is required for optimal survey accuracy. I got a B- in that class.)

Back to the matter at hand, McNealy added that stores with available PS3s generally had numbers in the low single digits, however, with only one major retailer having more than 60 units. He also reiterated that the availability of PS3s "does not necessarily indicate slack demand," as production could have seen a recent increase. So which flavor is being sold most? The one for five bills, or six?

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