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Wii remote holds much more potential says developer

Blake Snow

Have early Wii games merely scratched the surface of motion-based controls? Ignition Entertainment, a small developer of handheld and Wii games, seem to think so speaking in an interview with Eurogamer. "Personally I think the controller is capable of translating actions far more complex and energetic than most players are interested in performing even in the privacy of their own homes," said Ignition's studio manager, Ed Bradley.

And yet the executive believes that while Wii games may have a lot to look forward to, developers should concentrate on player enjoyment rather than worry how accurate gesture recognition ends up being. "[The Wii remote] can certainly spew out a lot of useful info. The tricky bit is making meaningful use of it all." So in essence, don't push the technology for technology's sake; make sure the controls add to the end game experience. Hear, hear.

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