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Around Azeroth: Entering Grim Batol


Myrlidor of Dunemaul sends in this shot of Grim Batol, as well as an explanation of its history. I'd always wondered how Dwarven buildings, Orcish fortifications, and red dragons all managed to come together in a single area... Says Myrlidor:

Hidden away in the western mountains of the Wetlands lies Grim Batol, a prison guarded by Axtroz and the Red Dragonflight. Inside, it is rumored that Deathwing, creator of the Black Dragonflight (and the father of Onyxia and Nefarian), is locked up, still weak from the Old Wars. First it was the home of the Wildhammer dwarves (those that now inhabit Aerie Peak), and then it was controlled by a clan of orcs: the Dragonmaw clan. They captured the dragon Alexstrasza the red and used her to spawn dragons of the Red Dragonflight to be used as mounts. Eventually Alexstrasza escaped and decimated all of the Dragonmaw orcs. Now Grim Batol is used as a hatchery for the Red Dragonflight, and to imprison Deathwing.

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