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Get a Pet: Son of Hakkar

Paul Sherrard

I know you've seen this pet. It seems like every hunter at 60 is trying to get this crazy red Wind Serpent. If you head into Alterac Valley, you're practically SWIMMING in Wind Serpents! No? Well, if you're not, you soon will be. The Son of Hakkar is the best pre-Outlands pet, or so I'm told. I wanted to know more, so I hit up some fellow hunters to get the low-down, and find out how to get this elusive yet wondrous beast into my stable.

I talked to Forge and Taerek, and they've let me know that yes, the Son of Hakkar really is the best pet going into the Outlands. It does great damage, it has Lightning Breath 6 (the mother of all Lightning Breaths?), and actually holds its own as a tank. We were actually taking out Dukes in Silithus using 2 hunters, 2 Sons of Hakkar, and my paladin to heal.

Using the guide below, I was actually able to single-handedly (with a guildie to group me into a raid group) head into Zul'Gurub and get my very own Son of Hakkar. It took me two tries, it only took Taerek one. Let me know how you do.

Video and Instructions are after the jump.

Click here to see the video! (It's a Google Video)

Instructions, from "ihalo", as published over on Thottbot:

I currently have a White Serpent (Arash-ethis)and I needed to pick up Lightning Breath Rank 6, so I ventured into ZG to tame a Son of Hakkar only 10 min after hitting Lv60.

I did not use any potions during my tame attempt.

1) Things Done Before Entering ZG
There are three things you need to know before taming.

1. To enter ZG you'll need to be part of a raid, so invite a random guildmate who's about to log off or ask a soloing quester if you can borrow them for 15-20 min.

2. If you do not have Scattershot you might need a few Free Action Potion to counter the effects of the knockdown that the Son of Hakkar uses

3. You should bring some food for your new pet (bread, fish, cheese)

2) Path to Son of Hakkar
Once you've entered ZG, you'll need to navigate past some elites (59-62).

1. After entering, jump over the rail to the left and head towards the river until you see a hut of trolls.

2. There are a bunch of axe throwing trolls to the right (road) and left (hut) which kill you pretty fast if you aggro them (this is where I died the first time)

3. You'll see a big tree in between the two groups of trolls, run towards it and stick to the left side of the tree. You should be able to make it to a ledge overlooking the river without getting any aggro.

4. Across the river you will see a group of elite crocodiles guarding the path up on the other side. However on the left side of the bank you'll see some bamboo/trees that you can get around to avoid the crocs.

5. Mount up and jump as far across the river as you can. Some fish will bite you a couple of times, but they won't kill you as long as you get across the river quickly.

6. Head half way up the hill (A) and stop to examine the patrol patterns using Eagle Eye.

A - Safe Point 1 (1/2 up path)
B - Safe Point 2 (mound)
C - Safe Point 3 (bridge)
x - Snake Group
y - Troll Hut 1
z - Troll Huts 2 (river side)

There are 3-4 moving patrol groups you'll need to avoid. Your destination is the closest bridge downhill (C), which isn't too far away. If you time it correctly you can walk past all of the mobs without aggro.

7. When the Beserker patrol heads past you to snakes group on the left (x), you that you can run to the path that leads UP to a boss.

*watch out for a patrol that occasionally comes down the path*

8. Next, close to you on the left head down towards a mount (B) near another hut of trolls (y). A patrol occasionally comes to this hill so watch out for aggro.

9. The perfect moment to move is when the Beserker Patrol + Snake Patrol move toward the Snakes (x) while the the troll patrol dressed in red moves towards the huts closest to the river (z). You should be able to make it to the bridge without getting an aggro.

*if the patrols seem too closely bunched together head back to Safe Point 1 (A) wait for another chance*

10. Cross the bridge and head up towards the stairs of the temple. If you walk right up the middle of the stairs you won't aggro the Beserkers below. Now to get ready to tame.

3) Taming the Son of Hakkar
From the top of the stairs, you can tame the Sons of Hakkar on either the right or left side. I chose, left cause that's how it was shown in the video. There should be 3 different patrols to look out for:

1) Soulflayer + 2 Sons
2) Trolls + Soulflayers
3) Solo Son of Hakkar (Target)

I put a Hunter's Mark on the solo Son so I could keep track of him.

When you finally get him alone, set down your Freezing Trap, drink your Free Action potion, pull the Son with Concussive Shot and start Beast taming when he's in range.

When you finally get him alone, set down your Freezing Trap, pull the Son with Concussive Shot and then Scattershot him when he is in range. Start Beast Taming.

*if you fail or pull the wrong Son, fake death and try again*

Feed your new pet and hearth out =D

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