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Kids spend more time playing video games than watching TV?

Blake Snow

A new consumer research survey suggests that kids ages 2 to 14 are more likely to engage in video games than any other form of media. Even more than TV? Yes, according to the report via GameDaily:

"There's so much focus on the elusive 18-34 male demographic in the video game industry that some companies may be overlooking another important segment of the population: kids. According to Kids & Digital Content, a new study from The NPD Group ... an overwhelming majority (93 percent) of kids play games on a computer, cell phone, video game console or portable or digital music player. This was way ahead of the second highest activity reported, listening to music, which garnered 52 percent."
An unspecified number of online surveys were completed by a "nationally representative" sample of mothers with children for the data. So does this mean some mothers are plopping their kids in front of video games more so than the good 'ole TV? Not exactly. The study cites "cell phone gaming" -- which we all know isn't really gaming -- as the most popular platform for said games. Still, all those GBAs aren't being sold for nothin' (not that we don't loves us some GBA gaming).

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