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Killer, nudist bond over video games in prison

Kyle Orland

It's really hard to make up a better lead sentence than the one that appeared in Monday's Daily Scotsman: "Shotgun killer Jamie Bain and Naked Rambler Stephen Gough have struck up an unlikely friendship in Saughton Prison over games on a PlayStation."

The basis for this introduction, apparently, is a vague quote from Bain's mother that the unlikely pair "talk and play on the PlayStation" while locked together in the prison's lightly populated segregation wing, and the even vaguer Scotsman assertion that "Bain is said to be a keen player." Aside from that, the article barely mentions the pair's video game connection, focusing instead on their wildly divergent reasons for incarceration and the development of a friendship that involves illicitly sharing phone minutes and smuggling food.

We can't wait for the inevitable follow-up article that delves into the deeper levels of these two prisoners' video game affinity. Does the pair argue over whether to play Grand Theft Auto or Katamari Damacy? Are their scuffles over who gets to use "the good controller"? Do the guards join in for a pick-up game of Madden on occasion? Inquiring minds want to know!

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