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MailTags 2 beta gets major todo and event enhancements, goes 'feature complete'

David Chartier

Scott Morrison has released a 6th beta of MailTags 2, his quintessential tagging and organizing plug-in for that we're big fans of. This new beta heralds a 'feature complete' status for the plug-in, meaning that Scott has implemented all the new features and tricks that version 2 will have, and now it's simply time to clean up the code and stomp out the bugs. Also new in this version is an updated UI with a slick new pop-up window for entering todo and event information (pictured). This makes recording events and staying on top of things with MailTags much more functional and enjoyable, causing Scott's plug-in to rise even farther towards the top of my list of apps that help me get more done with my email.

MailTags 2 costs $25 and can be had from indev.

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