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Rogue Amoeba begins "Should I Exhibit At Macworld?" blogging series

David Chartier

Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba has kicked off a new series at their company blog titled Should I Exhibit At Macworld?, breaking down the finer yet lesser-known details of how much it really costs software developers to exhibit at Macworld. This first post examines the various significant and hidden costs of appearing at the Apple event to end all Apple events, including: travel, cab fair, internet access, pressing trial CDs and, of course, the big whopper: the actual booth or kiosk itself. Some of these costs might sound like pocket change to some, but Paul tallies everything up and - considering what the Moscone Center charges for some of these things ($1095 for 4 days of internet access on the floor makes even the $12/day I paid in the hotel look appetizing) - offers a good checklist that can act as a guiding light to some, or a ton-o'-bricks reality check for others. Stay tuned for the other three parts of this series, as Paul foreshadows where he'll take it with this first post.

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