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Rumor: XBLA to get Eets and Luxor 2 [update 1]


XBLArcade brings us two juicy rumors today. The first is that Klei's Eets is headed to Xbox Live Arcade. According to an entry from the USK (essentially the German version of the ESRB), a 360 game called EETs Chowdown (in the "Arcade" genre) has been rated appropriate for all ages. Naturally, the speculation here is that Eets must exist in order to be rated. Not ironclad proof that the game is headed for the Arcade, but it's a significant marker to be sure. You can check out an Eets demo here.

The second rumor is that MumboJumbo's Luxor 2 is also headed to the arcade. Luxor 2 (play the demo here) is something like a combination between Breakout and Zuma, in which players match different colored balls as they come tumbling toward the bottom of the screen. The rumor stems from a rating found on the ESRB website. To see it yourself, search for Luxor 2 and restrict the platforms to the Xbox 360. Granted, we have no confirmation on either of these titles, but with review code out there somewhere, signs definitely point to yes. Good news, especially for those of us crying for some non-action Arcade titles.

Update: Klei is responsible for Eets. NinjaBee is only a distributor.

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