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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Tale of Two Cities, Ironforge winner

Barb Dybwad

We still have several prizes left to give away from our Countdown to Burning Crusade, including our grand prizes. The entry deadlines have passed and we've been vigorously debating painstankingly reviewing losing sleep over oh, who are we kidding -- we've been playing too much freaking Warcraft! There's only so much contest judging you can do whilst alt-tabbed. But without further ado, we're happy to announce the winner of the Alliance portion of the Tale of Two Cities contest, in which we asked you to send your best screenshots of Ironforge and Orgrimmar -- Daniel McMahon sent the above "Lonely Ironforge" shot, taken on Blade's Edge, subtitled "Once a thriving metropolis, the city of Ironforge lies empty as warriors flock to the Outlands seeking new adventures." Grats to Daniel, who wins an Alliance crest t-shirt. Check after the break for the runners up, and stay tuned for the Horde winner check out the Horde winner.

Runners up

Ironforge airport, from Brent Yager, Cenarius server

De plane, from Flanthan

Thanks again to everyone who entered! Check out the Orgrimmar screenshot winner.

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