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Midnight launch event: Global edition

Mike Schramm

While we're still waiting on sales figures from Monday's launch of the expansion, at first glance, looking at the pictures posted here and elsewhere from around the world, it was pretty darn successful.

That's right, it looks like Blizzard pulled it off-- almost simultaneously, within the same 24 hours, they were able to both get a game on shelves, get it home with players, and let them sign online. Lag problems aside, that's a huge task, and I'm not sure they could have pulled it off any better.

As a final note on the launch, Rushter over at WorldofWar has done a little YouTube crawling, and pulled up a list of video from events all over the world. I thought things were crazy here in the US, but look how insane they got in Germany.

Look at that line! When I first heard the 5 million copies in the first ten days figure, I was skeptical. But with lines like this all over the planet, it might just be true.

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