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Mystery sequel to be announced shortly?

Jason Wishnov

Japanese mag Nintendo Dream (truly, if only such wondrous publications were here in America as well) has related a tantalizing morsel. According to a ghetto Google translation (check after the break), a successor to a famed and well-known Nintendo franchise is coming to a Wii near you. What could it be? Donkey Kong? Kid Icarus? Such teasing articles are better left unpublished; we lose sleep over this stuff, you know. Cold sweats in the middle of the night kind of stuff.

There will be no posts between 3 and 4 today, due to therapy sessions.

Nintendo Dream: "Successor of famous series is soon revealed" 18.01.07 - Japanese Nintendo Dream it announces in its newest expenditure that soon the successor of a famous series is revealed. With details the magazine holds back itself.

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