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Sega set to cease GD-ROM production, spells end for Dreamcast games


Sega's loved-by-some ignored-by-others Dreamcast console hasn't exactly seen a flurry of game development as of late, but it looks like any hopes of a future shoot 'em up renaissance have been all but dashed, with Sega announcing that it will be ceasing production of its proprietary GD-ROM discs in February of this year. In addition to delivering Dreamcast games to loyal Sega gamers, the relatively high-capacity discs also served as the storage option of choice for Sega's Dreamcast-based NAOMI arcade platform, meaning that it too has likely also seen its last game. Of course, just because there's no new games coming out doesn't mean you can't still snag a used or refurbed Dreamcast and relive the good old days of a different type of console war.

[Thanks, fyreblazer]

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