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Twist to fitness with $1700 hover-chair controller

Kyle Orland

We've all found ourselves thinking it at one time or another: "Sure, this game is fun, but it would be even better if I were twisting around in some ridiculous-looking seat hovering just above the ground." Luckily, Australian Simulation Control System's had the same though, and actually did something about it with their pending Dream Machine game controller contraption.

The highly-adjustable Dream Machine uses a " multi modal central support crown" for "rotational and four way pan and tilt action" -- basically a fancy way of saying you can move yourself around by pushing on the handlebars. It's not exactly clear how the $1,700 contraption actually translates your body movements to on-screen actions, but the device's web site claims it's compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation games, and that the company is actively looking for companies to create specially-designed applications. Those with too much money and too few novelty controllers can look for it in March.

[Via SciFi]

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